1. Can applications still be turned in at orientation?  Yes, you can register online with your phone.  A paper application will also be available.  However, with the late feed added the cost will be $50.

  2. Can I register anytime during the year?    Yes, however, if registering after the deadline the fee is $50.  The membership is from June 1 of one year thru May 31 of the following year.

  3. My junior golfer will miss orientation.  Can I attend without him/her?   Yes.  The Information Sheet explains what is covered in orientation.

  4. Where do I pick up my Junior Golf Membership Card if I miss orientation?  During the program cards not picked up at orientation will be at Magellan Golf Course on Wednesday the program or on Thursdays at Coronado Golf Course at the clubhouse during on-course play.

  5. I don’t live in the Village how do I get through the gates?  After registering online you will receive a confirmation email. This email will serve as your gate pass to enter Hot Springs Village until we can issue your member card for the year. Please print the registration confirmation email and present it to Gate Security to enter Hot Springs Village.

  6. Where do I report for practice & get a tee time?  5-hole players report to Magellan Golf Course at 2:30 p.m. and 9 & 18-hole players report to Granada Golf Course at 3:00 p.m.

  7. Do I need a new tee time every week?  YES.  Tee times are assigned each Wednesday at practice for play on Thursday at Coronado Golf Course.

  8. Can I get a tee time without attending practice?  No.  Tee times are assigned at practice on Wednesdays for Thursday play at Coronado Golf Course.

  9. I have a POA family membership card.  Do I still need the Junior Golf Membership card?   Yes, see above.

  10. I have a child visiting me for just a week or two.  Can I bring him/her to Magellan to sign up for lessons & to play golf?    No, all players must be full-time members of the Junior Golf Program. 

  11. My junior golfer will miss the first 2 or 3 practices in June and a couple of weeks in July.  Do I need to let anyone know?    No, as long as they do not have a tee time, they just attend the session they can.  However, to qualify for the tournament the golfer must have two scores recorded with the program. 

  12. What if my junior golfer has a tee time for Thursday and cannot play or it is raining?  What do I do?  Please be considerate of the volunteers and others involved and CALL CORONADO GOLF COURSE (922.2355) to CANCEL

  13. Can I follow my Junior Golfer on the course on Thursday to watch him/her play?   No, we have found the golfer is paying more attention to the parent/grandparent than golf.  It also creates distractions for the volunteers & other golfers. 

  14. What does the membership offer a Junior Golfer? 

    • The Junior Golfer can purchase a set of starter golf clubs’ w/bag for $30.  These clubs can be traded in for another set when the golfer out-grows them at no cost.
    • During the Junior Golf season (June/July) the member can hit balls at the range free (except on Wednesday practice day) at any of the Village golf courses by showing the membership card.
    • Junior golfer can play any of the Village courses the whole year for the Junior Golf rate – Coronado any time there is an opening, other courses after 2 p.m.  However, if the junior golfer rides in a golf cart, there is a charge for that.

  15. When is the last day to sign up for the 2-day tournament & picnic?   Two weeks before the tournament.  Staff needs this time to flight the golfers and assign tee times.  Tee time cards will be handed out the week before the tournament and will also be posted on our website. 

  16. What tee markers do the 5, 9, & 18-hole golfers hit from?  How do I move up?  The guidelines for moving are shown below: